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Executive Chef Chris Sperduti

I grew up in a traditional Italian home where food was everything. We had a large, lush vegetable garden and a cantina always loaded with homemade pickles, homemade tomato sauce and cases of olive oil. 

In the late 70`s my father owned a pizza shop in Toronto and a Snack Bar in the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, and for my whole life my father talked about getting back into the restaurant industry.  So when he passed away suddenly in 2011, I made it my mission to make his dream my reality. I quit my 15 year career as a roofer and went to Culinary School at Conestoga College. I graduated with Honors also earning the Victory Knox Award of Excellence. 


While in school I cooked at The Crazy Canuck in Waterloo Ontario. The owners are still my mentors to this day. Following school, I spent the next two years as a Chef de Partie at Langdon Hall Relais and Chateaux in Cambridge Ontario, my passion for food was flourishing uncontrollably. I then worked as the Head Chef at The Sleeman Centre in Guelph Ontario, designing the menu and leading a team of 25.

You’re probably wondering where the name Ciuffulli (Chew-full-ee) comes from. As a rambunctious child, I was never able to sit still, so my nonno (grandfather), born and raised in the picturesque mountain side village of Patrica, in central Italy, would call me Ciuffulli, which in his Italian dialect of Ciociaro, means grasshopper.

Sandro Sperduti, 1948-2011  Throwing pizza dough at his pizza joint in Toronto in the 70`s!

Sandro Sperduti, 1948-2011

Throwing pizza dough at his pizza joint in Toronto in the 70`s!


Private Chef

Servicing Ontario

Enjoy an intimate, customized, culinary experience. No mess, no rush. Delicious food. Great company. Location of your choice.

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Shopping, cooking, cleaning and dishes, Why do all the work when I can do it for you. Go spend time with your guests!
— Executive Chef Chris
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Choose from; family style service, plated service, tasting menus, buffet style, interactive cooking experiences and much more!



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